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Loft Conversion Experts for Camberley & Surrey

A loft conversion is a great way to turn an unused or under-utilised space within your home into an attractive, functional room which adds significant value to your property. Camberford Construction, based in Camberley, can deliver a loft conversion from conception through to completion, drawing up the initial plans to your precise specifications and handling every aspect of the project.


Why Invest in a Loft Conversion?


Most homeowners either use their loft as extra-storage, or don’t use it at all. With property prices around Camberley and wider Surrey being as expensive as they are, it feels wasteful to not squeeze the most out of every square meter in your home. Unlocking your loft’s potential will add value to your property, and provide you with a functional room you can use however you like.


Some clients may choose to add an extra-bedroom to their property, while others might prefer to create a private study where they can get away from the hubbub downstairs and get some work done. Others have been known to create games/hobby rooms to enjoy in their spare time; it’s really down to you and what you feel would be the best use for the space.


Types of Loft Conversion


Dormer Loft Conversion – The most common form of loft conversion is the dormer. They rarely require planning permission and are fairly straight forward, acting as an extension of your existing roof.  Often very large with straight vertical walls and a horizontal ceiling, they can suit a range of Camberley properties, including both semi-detached and detached homes.


Hip to Gable Loft Conversion This type of loft conversion is usually employed in homes which feature roofs with three slanting sides. It involves extending out the side slant of a roof and making it vertical. If your loft doesn’t have enough space to make it a usable room when converted, then a hip to gable loft conversion may be your best choice.


Mansard Loft Conversion – Rarer to see about Camberley, a Mansard loft conversion is certainly the most intensive type work and time wise.  They nearly always require planning permission, as the roof structure needs to be altered significantly. It involves creating a flat roof within the loft and building vertical walls, much like a dormer loft conversion, but out of roof slopes.


A Camberford Loft Conversion


Whatever type of loft conversion you’re interested in, the Camberford Construction team will help make your dream room a reality, using materials of the upmost quality and only qualified builders with ample experience. We’re a friendly and customer focused team who’ll work with you closely every step of way, from the initial design stages to putting the finishing touches.


But rest assured you won’t pay extra to benefit from our expertise, we offer highly competitive prices you’ll struggle to find with other contractors in and around Camberley.


Want to discuss your ideas for a loft conversion? Call Camberley’s top choice builder today on 07780 115 688.