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Your Dream House Extension Built by Camberley’s Local Builders

There are many reasons why our clients in and around Camberley call on us to design and build them a brand new house extension. It may be that their family is expanding and they need some extra space, without resorting to the colossal hassle and stress that is moving house. Or perhaps they want to invest in their home, which is more often than not their single most valuable asset, and therefore one worth fostering.


Whatever your reasons for improving your property and establishing new space, Camberford Construction can help turn your ideas into a reality, working with you during the planning phase to ensure everything on your wish list is accounted for. We’re known around the Camberley area for being able to construct a house extension, built from the best materials by highly qualified and experienced builders, on budget and on time.


Types of House Extension


There are a few different styles/types of house extension you can choose for your Camberley home. Firstly, keep in mind you can either invest in a front or rear extension, or an extension out the side of your property if you have the room. You should choose an area which has lots of space, is easily accessible and can be integrated seamlessly within your existing property.


Single Storey Extension – Adjoining the main property, a single storey extension can usually be found on the rear of Camberley properties.


Multi-Storey Extension – Multi-storey extensions involve adding space to both the first and second floors of a property. It gives you the option to, for example, add or extend a kitchen on the ground floor while simultaneously introducing another bedroom on the second.


Over-Structure Extension – This refers to when a house extension is built over a garage, or perhaps a single-storey ground floor kitchen. It’s often quite a complex job, as new brickwork and groundwork may be required to help support the structure.


Whichever type of extension you opt for, know that there’s quite a lot of work that will go into the project. From laying or reinforcing foundations, to building walls and installing windows, to putting the finishing touches that make it attractive and suited for its intended purpose. As such, it pays to hire a versatile team that can handle the entire job in-house, like Camberford Construction.


Each and every house extension we build in Camberley, and surrounding areas in Surrey, benefits from our commitment to quality workmanship and attention to detail. Our friendly team of expert builders will take the same careful and methodical approach to every aspect of the project; at Camberford Construction, we believe in doing the job right each and every time – we have a reputation to uphold!


Do I Require Planning Permission for my House Extension?


If your proposed house extension meets certain criteria, you won’t need to apply for planning permission. For example, it can’t exceed 4m in height or be wider than half the width of your original home. Likewise, it can’t be built from dissimilar materials or have a footprint exceeding 50% of the total curtilage. To find out whether you’ll need to apply, we urge you to check with your local council.


In Camberley or elsewhere in Surrey and looking to invest in a beautiful new house extension? Call Camberford Construction today on 07780 115 688.