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Top Choice for House Extension & Loft Conversion in Camberley

On this page, Camberford Construction in Camberley has looked to answer a few common questions regarding our home extension, loft conversion and garage conversion services. Have a question not answered below, or looking to discuss your project with a team of qualified, experienced builders? Pick up the phone and give us a call on 07780 115 688.


Common Queries Answered


Why choose Camberford Construction over competitors around Camberley?


From day one, it’s been our mission to become known as a trustworthy, reliable choice for a house extension, garage conversion or loft conversion. That’s why we joined the Federation of Master Builders and enrolled in the TrustMark scheme. It’s also why we solely use qualified builders and top quality materials in any and all projects we undertake.


We’re highly aware of the scepticism that certain consumers around Camberley hold regarding trades persons. That’s why we aim to be as transparent and upfront as possible, insisting on getting things done by the book, and avoiding undeclared “cash in hand” jobs etc. We want to present an alternative to companies/tradespersons that frequently take advantage of their clients, and change the perception of our industry for the better.


What does it take to become a member of the Federation of Master Builders?


To become a member of the FMB you must tick all of the following boxes:


• Be in business for over a year

• Provide a professional reference

• Pass credit checks

• Pass public record checks

• Pass director checks

• Confirm no undischarged bankruptcies/County Court judgements

• Obtain public and employer liability insurance

• Register for VAT

• Agree to abide by the Federation’s Disputes Resolution & Complaints procedures

• Sign up to its lengthy Code of Practice


Do you solely serve homeowners around the Camberley area?


No. While we’re perhaps best known for being homeowners’ go-to contractors for a new home extension, loft conversion or garage conversion – we also serve commercial clients. We specialise in shop and gymnasium fit-outs, but are flexible and knowledgeable enough to take on all sorts of commercial projects, including conversions, renovations and soft demolitions.


Will I require planning permission for my project?


This really depends on the type of project in question. A loft conversion or garage conversion which doesn’t involve significantly altering the structure of your roof or existing garage may be fine to go ahead without permission. Likewise, a house extension which meets certain criteria (mainly relating to its dimensions) might not need the local authority’s go-ahead.


However, many a loft conversion, garage conversion and house extension we’re tasked with delivering around Camberley does indeed require a formal application to be lodged. So we’d recommend consulting with us or your local council when you’re considering investing in a home improvement. Otherwise, you may be disappointed to learn that your project has to be delayed while the council deliberates it.


Have a different query for our Camberley-based house extension specialists? Contact us today on 07780 115 688.